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Semester III Practicals

Computer Graphics

3D image of Prism in Computer Graphics


Practicals for CG are written in C and C++ programming language. These practicals implement and demonstrate how graphics can be manipulated using algorithms and techniques like translation, dilation, scaling etc. We have uploaded following practicals in our repository.

  1. Bresenham’s method and DDA algorithm to generate a line
  2. Bresenham’s circle algorithm
  3. Midpoint Circle Algorithm
  4. Drawing line with Bresenham by shifting the origin
  5. Drawing line with DDA by shifting the origin
  6. Scaling
  7. Translation
  8. Cohen-Sutherland line clipping algorithm
  9. Polygon Filling
  10. Polygon - Input in Program
  11. Polygon - User Input
  12. Seed Filling
  13. Bouncing Ball
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Check tools required to execute C++ programs.

Learning Resources


Computer Graphics Course

Advanced SQL

Database Logo


This subject is continuation of previous sem subject DBMS. The practicals include writing SQL and database programming using stored procedures, triggers etc. The database we used was oracle but again which database is to use is depend on your college. The practicals we have uploaded might not be same as conducted by your college however they may give you general idea about this subject.

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Oracle Database Express Edition

Learning Resources


I found this youtube channel useful while studying this subject. First start with SQL and then learn PL/SQL.

Object Oriented Programming with C++

Object Oriented Programming Concept


This subject introduces you to the concept of Object Oriented Programming using C++. We have uploaded following practical programs in our Github repository.

  1. Method calling
  2. Friend function
  3. Static Variable and Static Function
  4. Operator Overloading
  5. Inheritance
  6. Method overriding
  7. Virtual Function
  8. String operations
  9. Exception handling
  10. File demo
  11. Template Class Library
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Tools Learning Resources

Check tools and learning resources mentioned in C++ Programming (Semester 1).

Here you can read more about semester 3 subjects.