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Download; Fork; Pull; Clone; Commit;

Welcome to Myitweb's Github Page.

This github page is created for Mumbai University's BSc IT students to get all practicals conducted in course at same place.

Practicals include programming assignments carried out in practical lab sessions. All practicals are placed inside respective subject's repository. You can find all repositories inside myitweb's github account.

Why Github ?

Github is booming and if you are programmer you ought to be here on github. As many of you are students and will work for your own business or for some company in next few years and since you have pursued career in IT many of you want to be a programmer.

As you may be aware of softwares are written in teams and often writtern in iteration to produce versions. Members of teams can be remote somewhere. In such circumstanses in order to honor project guidelines in terms of time and quality all members must work together even though they are remote from each other.

The only good solution on horizon is using distributive version control system. Git is such version control system that is widely used today and the web implementation of same system is Github.

To conclude this question, we used github because it satisfied the purpose of content and to make you familiar with version control system while completing graduation. And hence we urge you to create github account (Its free) and explore git and github as early as you can.

Why Github Page ?

We would have provided link to repository from existing website or blog but the truth is i wanted to explore foundation the css framework which required me to build html and css from scratch so i chose github page to play around with.

If you have more questions or feedback then we would glad to hear from you. Here you can read more about us and also make sure you understand privacy policy and read disclaimer before using this site.