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Semester I Practicals

Introduction to C++ Programming


Below are the listed practical programs which we have shared in our C++ Github repository.

  1. Finding greatest of three number
  2. Solving the quadratic equation
  3. All prime numbers in a given range
  4. Fibonacci series
  5. Converting number to words
  6. Swapping two numbers without using third variable
  7. Recursive function for factorial of given number
  8. Function for string reversal
  9. Function to check palindrome
  10. Function for string comparision
  11. Sorting the number in ascending and descending order
  12. Matrix addition and multiplication.
  13. Implementing the concept of structures
  14. Finding the greatest and smallest number using vector
  15. Concept of call by value and call by reference
  16. Generating the report card
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Setting up development environement

If you are new to programming as many of you are then keep reading. To write program we require text editor and to run that program we should have one more software. This software can be compiler or interpreter depending upon programming language.

To write C or C++ Program you must have text editor like notepad and C++ compiler. However running these two programs differently is cumbersome task and hence programmers use IDE which stands for Integrated Development Environment.

However it is recommended that you must run at least few programs without IDE to understand what is happening in background. You can do it by writing program in text editor and running it using compiler through command prompt.

This video can help you in understanding how to compilile c++ program using GCC compiler. In video code blocks is used which is IDE but video demonstrates how to execute C++ programs from command prompt. If you are linux or mac user then watch this video.

There are bunch of free IDE's to choose from i have listed some.

I have not listed Turbo C++ here because it is outdated. This thread is good read though.

Learning C++

There are tons of free tutorials on web about c++. If you are fan of videos then just go on youtube and type c++ tutorials.

Also there are many free online course available to learn language.

Below i am giving some pointers but you can explore more and see how you like to learn. Go and Dive In

Books to learn C++ Programming

Like tutorials there are many books available to learn C++ Programming. Still i would recommend following books.

Here you can read more about semester 1 subjects.