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Semester II Practicals

Web Designing and Programming

Things they never teach in web designing Course


We have committed following WDP practicals in our Github repository.

  1. Web page using different text formatting tags
  2. Linking between pages
  3. Imagemaps
  4. HTML Tables
  5. Frames
  6. HTML Forms
  7. CSS
  8. Javascript
  9. Javascript to check prime number
  10. Form validation using javascript
  11. XML DTD
  12. XML XSL
  13. XML Schema
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To run above programs you will need web browser and to write programs you will need text editor. Many of you already have required tools such as notepad as text editor and chrome as web browser. Still I have listed some of the popular tools below.

Text Editors
Learning Resources

Here are the few books you can buy and start reading but there is no other option to do everything practically to master the art of web designing.


If you like learning by doing then check Codecademy it is really cool, also W3School's html, css, javascript, php and xml tutorials are the what you are looking for.

If you like video tutorials then go to youtube and search for keywords like "HTML tutorials", "CSS tutorials" etc. and you will get tons of playlist to choose from.

Database Management System

DBMS Practicals


This subject is about databases and practicals include writing SQL. There are many database systems available and which system to use is depend on college. Below i listed practicals of mine and we used MS SQL. So this practicals are not exactly what you are looking for but you may get general idea about it.

DBMS Practicals


Since we dont know which DB your college will use we can't provide tools.

Learning Resources


Database System and Concepts


There are plenty of DBMS tutorials available on youtube just search DBMS tutorials or your db name and tutorials Eg. MYSQL tutorials.

Here you can read more about semester 2 subjects.